2 min readMay 27, 2021


An Update From The Team at GOeureka

We know there haven’t been many updates from us over the past 12 months but I can assure you the team at GOeureka has been working hard behind closed doors to navigate our business through the pandemic. We have been rebuilding, reorganizing, and restructuring our business and I am really excited to announce that we are back! But before we share all the exciting news, let us first thank our investors and token holders for their continued support, it really helped us get through these trying times.

So what’s coming down the pipeline?

Firstly we are really excited to announce that a new look and revamped GOeureka Hotel booking platform is re-launching in a couple of weeks, we’re putting the finishing touches on the website and plan to push it live towards the end of July 2021. All prior hotel connections and partnerships will continue to be available on the new version of our booking platform. A mobile booking app will also be launching later this year. For a more detailed timeline, please check out the roadmap at www.goeureka.io.

Secondly, and after careful consideration, we have decided to migrate our GOT token from Ethereum to Tezos. There were a number of reasons that led to this decision, and the one that impacts our decision most is high transaction fees on Ethereum.

GOT is a utility token that will benefit token holders by providing access to discounted services on our platform. Being an erc20 token, these discounts would be negated by high gas fees as such we have made the decision to pivot to the Tezos blockchain. We did explore alternative platforms but felt Tezos would enable us to scale GOeureka in a more efficient manner.

As we will be reissuing tokens on Tezos, we have decided to carry out a limited token sale to provide the Tezos community with fair access to GOT tokens prior to our listing on Quipuswap which is a decentralized exchange on Tezos.

Everyone who purchased GOT tokens prior to this date will be eligible to receive our Tezos based GOT tokens upon completion of the limited token sale. In order to receive GOT tokens on Tezos, you will also be required to send your existing erc GOT tokens back to our smart contract wallet by 30/5 as we plan to burn all existing GOT tokens on 31/5.

Kindly fill out this form. Upon submitting the form, our team will be in touch with you to advise on the next steps.

For more information about our upcoming token sale please visit https://www.goeureka.io/.

We appreciate your understanding of this move and look forward to welcoming you to the next stage of our journey.

Thank you and stay safe everyone.




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