GOT Limited Token Sale

1 min readJul 5, 2021

As you are all aware the GOeureka limited token Sale will be carried out on two launchpads and run simultaneously for two days from the 12th to 14th of July 2021.

The attributes for the token sale are as follows:

1) 10,000,000 (Ten Million) GOT tokens will be allocated for the token sale.

2) 5,000,000 (Five Million) GOT tokens will be available for sale on each launchpad.

3) GOT tokens are priced at 1 XTZ which equates to 50 GOT

4) 40% of the tokens will be released upon Quipuswap listing and the remaining 60% will be released 30 days later.

5) Minimum investment amount for Token-sale is 25 XTZ.

6) Any unsold tokens will be burnt.

7) All XTZ raised during the token sale will be held in escrow by Crunchy Network and released to GOeureka upon achieving milestones that have been set.

To participate in the token sale, you will need to access the launchpad websites on the 12th of July using the following links:

1) Rocket Launchpad —

2) Instaraise (formerly Wiltpad) —

Please feel free to direct any questions to us on telegram at and we look forward to welcoming you to the first hotel booking platform on Tezos!




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