GOT Airdrop Details and T&C’s

  1. The GOT airdrop is limited to the first 100 entrants and will run until it has been fully subscribed.

2. The first 100 entrants will receive 200 GOT

3. To eligible for the airdrop you must fulfil the following steps:

a) Retweet this post and tag 3 friends

b) Follow us on Twitter: and Telegram:

c) Fill out this Google Form

4. 40% of the tokens will be released when GOT is listed on Quipuswap

5. The remaining 60% will be released 30 days after listing.

Thank you! Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our token sale starting on the 10th of June:

An Update From The Team at GOeureka

We know there haven’t been many updates from us over the past 12 months but I can assure you the team at GOeureka has been working hard behind closed doors to navigate our business through the pandemic. We have been rebuilding, reorganizing, and restructuring our business and I am really excited to announce that we are back! But before we share all the exciting news, let us first thank our investors and token holders for their continued support, it really helped us get through these trying times.

So what’s coming down the pipeline?

This awesome infographic summarizes what GOeureka is all about. Get all the latest news by following us on Twitter: u/goeurekatravel, Telegram:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background

I’ve been in the OTA (Online Travel Agent) business for over 20 years, most recently with Agoda where I was the Country Director of Agoda Malaysia and Brunei. During my time with Agoda, I also oversaw operations in Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei and was also a senior advisor to AgodaJapan.

Tell us about your experience in blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Blockchain is very much new to me, however, I am fascinated by the technology and the potential it has, and I’m learning fast! We’ve assembled a great team, embracing a culture of…

With a strong core team already in place, GOeureka has also assembled a highly skilled and experienced advisory team to help guide and direct them in their mission.


Providing key insight on the hospitality and travel industries, Louise Daley (Deputy CEO, AccorHotels Asia Pacific) and Maria Nakpil (Ex-VP Regional Marketing and eCommerce, Hilton Asia-Pacific) have collectively over 45 years’ experience across the sector.

Responsible for the financial oversight and management of over 830 hotels with a turnover in excess of €4.5b, as well as non-hotel businesses encompassing vacation ownership, lounge management and subscription loyalty, Louise is knowledgeable and experienced…

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background

I was born in Malaysia and spent ten years in Australia where I received my tertiary education in Information Technology and Finance. I always had a penchant for business, particularly in the hospitality sector, and so I focused on that industry and set up a string of successful corporations dealing with restaurants and the supply of textiles to hotels in Singapore and Malaysia.

Tell us about your experience in blockchain and cryptocurrencies

I’ve been dabbling with cryptocurrency since 2014 and have always been intrigued by the technology behind it. Since blockchain…

Whether travelling for work or pleasure, domestically or abroad, one of the biggest expenses to tackle is accommodation.

Even when you’ve found the best deal available it can still often feel like you’ve overpaid, and for good reason; you probably have.

With the rise in online bookings, hotel rates are being pushed up by Online Travel Agents (OTAs) such as Expedia and Priceline who can be charging hoteliers commission fees as high as 15–30%. …

One of the critical factors that can make or break any business are the margins. Looking to maximise profit? Then you need to maintain a healthy revenue flow while keeping costs as low as possible.

For a hotelier, large or small, one of the most significant expenses eating into potential profit are the commission fees paid out to Online Travel Agents (OTAs) such as Expedia and Priceline. With rates as high as 15–30%, it can be tough to offer competitive rates that still deliver a decent return. …

GOeureka : Reshaping the Online Hotel Booking Industry

The holiday season is already upon us, everyone is going on a vacation while the late bloomers are planning a trip now. Fascinating hotel booking offers are attracting us to spend our money on desirable destinations and luxurious hotels. When internet came, it took over the hotel booking market entirely by giving it a new approach. Increasing availability lured customers towards online booking. Mushrooming hotel websites and online travel agencies began providing attractive discounts. Lured by these deals and the ease of availability pushed customers to practice the modern way more often.

With each passing year the OTA’s still remain…

Travelling can be stressful, and one of the most significant factors is the constant doubt, “Did I get a good deal?” Sadly, chances are, no.

Online Travel Agents (OTAs) help connect hotels to guests, but at a hefty price with commission rates ranging from 15% to as high as 30%. With their margins reduced, hotels often have no choice but to increase their prices and pass the cost on to their guests.

The Problem

In 2015 the global travel industry generated US$5,880.4 billion in revenue. By 2020 it’s forecast to hit US$8,736.1 billion. The hotel sector accounts for 14.1% of…


Next-Gen Solution Shaping the Future of Online Hotel Booking

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